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Entry for Stencyl Game Jam #18 [Theme: Elevation]

If you know the biblic story of lucifer, the cherubim angel, who's pride made him try to shine brighter than god himself, than you know about his fall.

Though shall Lucifer Arise!

This is a skillbased game starting with some easy levels to get used to  the flying system [W] wich is essential for further progress since the levels get harder and harder the further you come.

Your aim is to collect as many souls as possible to prove god that you are worthy of getting your high ranked angel status back and even become a god youself for the rescued souls wich you've collected on your journey from hell back to heaven for an audience with god.


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Nice Art Style.

The (start) level selection could be spawned automatically after 10 seconds or so.

At first I found the character a bit dark, but I digged the eyes. After playing a while I loved the character. Great feel of character development. Well Done!

Great recharged mechanism.